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Jeanette Kangas


Modern Drummer

"Brilliant compositions and exquisite sound allow all the members of the ensemble to shine."

"As well as Wrate's (Kangas) own compositions. If you're into ethnic music, ECM, or just appreciate innovation, then 'Echoes of a Northern Sky' is required listening."

Cadence Magazine

"A whirling dervish of rhythmic coloration. Her responsive stroking is a source of constant inventiveness."

Jazz Times

"Ms. Wrate (Kangas) is an exceptional drummer. She performs at least one marvel on each track."

New Times LA

"She makes foreign dance motifs swing in a way that's natural yet challenging to American ears, translating a seemingly esoteric folk style into the language of improvisation based music without sacrificing the vivaciousness of the prototype. It's a notable achievement."