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Jeanette Kangas


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Described by Cadence Magazine as a whirling dervish of rhythmic coloration, an exceptional drummer by Jazz Times Magazine and a creator of brilliant compositions and exquisite sound by Modern Drummer Magazine, Jeanette Kangas (aka Wrate) has performed in major venues in Europe, Canada and the USA, including the Monterey Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival at Sea, Playboy Jazz Festival, Freiburg Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, the Great American Music Hall, Zellerbach Hall and the Hollywood Bowl.

Artists she has performed with include Dizzy Gillespie, Jimmy Witherspoon, Cris Williamson, Charlie Haden, Stacy Rowles, Big World, Maiden Voyage, Michael Vlatkovich, Steuart Liebig, Ellen Burr, Holly Hoffmann, Tokeli, Peter Sprague and Bob Magnusen. She is featured on recordings by Big World, Cris Williamson, Tret Fure, Glenn Horiuchi, Steuart Liebig, Ellen Burr and her own quartets: the Jeanette Wrate Quartet and The Northern Lights Ensemble.

She received her Master of Fine Arts in Jazz Studies from California Institute of the Arts and served as a member of the music faculty at Los Angeles Harbor College and El Camino College from 1987-2006, Jeanette currently resides in San Diego where she is working on a Master of Music at San Diego State University concentrating on marimba and vibraphone. She is also actively performing in the San Diego area.